H​-​Town to L​.​A. f/ LA​$​W, iLL Faded (Prod. by Calvin Valentine)

by Fat Tony

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[Fat Tony / Chorus]
Riding 'round the city
Just touched down in L.A.
Dancing like I'm Diddy (take that!)
Coming straight up out the tré
That's Macgregor Park
Straight out Third Ward
Almeda boulevard
H-Town to L.A.

[L.A. SkyyWalker]
Glock 45 for a fuck nigga
In L.A. we don't trust niggas
Fat Tony touched down, then he hit me up, nigga
Ten thick bitches rolling up blunts
And we only sippin' Actavis up in our double cup, nigga
Y'all niggas sippin' Hi-Tech
Y'all niggas ain't high yet
Guaranteed a plane, I ain't fly yet
Fuck my bitch for hella hours
Pussy ain't dry yet

[Fat Tony]
Yes, still at Pappadeaux with a lot of hoes
See, we smoke sweets
Say no to Optimos
Had to holler at JO$E, he stay in the Mo'
Not a pimp but I'll make a bitch touch her toes
Touchdown, hut one
And I hit a home run
LAPD, where's the weed?
Let me buy some
I'm from Third Ward, so I gotta have a threesome
If I meet the right Latina
I might give her, like, three sons


[iLL Faded]
I swear that I love California (west side!)
From the H but I feel like I was born here
I'm feeling like I gotta warn ya
Fuck with us and your family mourn ya
Got a bitch from the H that be going both ways
She want a hotel and fuck me for four days
She going straight in, she don't fuck with four play
Turned around, fucked my homie
With that bitch whore ways

[Fat Tony]
I ball like the Lakers
Open like the Oakland Raiders
Yeah, she saw me in The Fader
Now we chillin' on La Brea
In Atwater, had to jump up in the mayor's daughter
Used to do the do in Malibu, right by the water
I used to hold her down like Sgt. Slaughter
But I had to cancel her like Nino in the Carter
Hollered at a Filipina, now she making me the father
But I still got senoritas waiting for me at the border


released May 4, 2015
Produced by G_Force (@CalvinValentine)

Recorded and mixed by G_Force (@CalvinValentine)

Mastered by Paul Katzman



all rights reserved


Fat Tony Houston, Texas


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