I'll Bee Dat (Prod. by Nick Catchdubs and Proper Villains)

by Fat Tony

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a lil cautionary tale about stalkin ass ex-boyfriends and the girls who don’t love them >=]

"I've been friends with Fat Tony for a few years but we never worked on music until recently, when we got up at Rubber Tracks studio in Brooklyn to work on a song for my album Smoke Machine. The SVU storytelling joint "I'll Bee Dat" is the result... it's too spooky for the vibe of my LP but perfect for Halloween, so enjoy (and don't talk to strangers)." - Nick Catchdubs


~ ~ "I'll Bee Dat" ~ ~

The babe was tight so I beat it
On her bed I was seated
I loved the way she received it
We rinsed and repeated
Man, I heard her man was heated!
She sent pics, hope he didn't see it
He beat her so she cheated
When I heard that I couldn't believe it
He was mad his hairline receded
And he couldn't give her a fetus
She'd cook and he never would eat it
He was never there when she needed
In a better sense, he was impotent and insolent
Told him, "get bent," and he reached back like a pimp
She gave him medicine, he was hesitant
Now she with a bro that's natural like we in a tent
I let her vent last week when I met her at an event
She 22, 5'6" and quite thick
Got a little bit of everything I'm liking
Got introduced by Tom Cruz
Came for one drink but it turned into two
Then that two turned into four, then into more
Next thing you know she unlocking her front door

I said I'll be it if you need it
I said I'll be it
I'll be that

Three weeks later we're still kissing
And that nigga's still pissed
If that boy don't begin to chill
I'ma have to hit the kill switch
He went to her office
Told her bosses she's an alcoholic
They almost lost it
But when they found out what he's all about
And how he's getting down
They were like, "aw shit..."
She's exhausted
Found him hiding inside her closet
When the cops came they thought it was strange
He was naked as a jay bird, looking deranged
It's a god damn shame
I'm shaking my motherfucking head
This fool is foolish
He says he wants her dead
And I dare this dude to do it
So we changed the locks
Told every thug on the block
Had the neighborhood on watch
But he just could not stop
A week later we made it to the 9 o'clock news
They found him in our bushes
Now his tush is being abused

I said I'll be it if you need it
I said I'll be it
I'll be that


released October 29, 2013
Produced by Nick Catchdubs and Proper Villains
Written by Fat Tony

Photo: Jessica Lehrman



all rights reserved


Fat Tony Houston, Texas


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