Insecure f/ Akhil Sesh, Trpl Blk, Fat Tony

by Drull Music

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relationships often go sour for a few silly reasons, and insecurities can be found at the root of them all. if your past or your partner's past is keeping y'all from moving forward, let that shit go. it's toxic. hung up on your ugly looks? you're not the only one. and you're probably not as bad off as you think. flush those feelings before that negative energy overpowers your will to love or like someone new.

don't burden a new love with petty insecurities. they want you for you. dig deep into the things that make you feel good, confident, happy, alive, etc. let that shine and you'll attract damn near all your wants and needs. maybe even a hot date.

me and the homie TRPL BLK (bruiser brigade) explore a couple bad breakups on this new slow jam "insecure" produced by Drull Music peep Akhil Sesh crooning on the chorus.


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I did everything I could for this bitch
Moved her in and bought a lot of Prada shit
Fendi, Gucci, Louis, yeah this girl was super bougie
Now a nigga 'bout to abandon the ship
Now wait a bit, let me tell you how it all began
I didn't wanna be her man
I'd rather be her nigga but she didn't understand
She took my hand, I took a chance
At last, thought I was past tryna grab the fattest ass
She hate mayo, I hate it too
It was beautiful when I cut it like a cuticle
Then shit got looney
She was behaving like a Wes Craven movie
I don't know what to do, she got nowhere to go
Yeah, we live in a room, I wouldn't call it a home
She be going through my phone
I be checking her's too
All we do is fuck and fight, condom wrappers 'round the room
It's toxic, but her name ain't Britney, bitch
She 26 with an attitude like Eartha Kitt
I'm sick of fighting this feeling, fuck it, I'm leaving
Hope I'm never seeing you again
Pack it, put it in the van
I didn't wait a second, man, I started stepping out
She ran up on me saying, "baby, what is this about?"
I put my hand on the small of her back and laughed
Hopped in the back and her sister hit the gas


released July 14, 2014
Produced by Drull Music
Artwork by



all rights reserved


Fat Tony Houston, Texas


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