Leverage (feat. Kool A​.​D​.​, Fat Tony, Lakutis, Nasty Nigel)

by Hot Sugar

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"Earlier this year, the Manhattan-based producer Hot Sugar walked around his neighborhood at 3 a.m. “kicking stuff on the street like traffic cones, bikes, garbage [and] parked cars” and recorded the sounds the impact made. Using a technique he calls Associative Music, those sampled sounds were then processed into the beat for “Leverage,” a brooding and cavernous hip-hop song that features an all-star line-up of Das Racist‘s Kool A.D., Houston’s Fat Tony, Greedhead man Lakutis, and Nasty Nigel from Children of the Night. “This is basically a list of my favorite rappers I’ve been listening to over the past few years,” explains Hot Sugar of the roster. The song heads up Hot Sugar’s forthcoming, MiDi Murder EP, a seven-song set that’s a prelude to his forthcoming full-length MiDi Murder album. “Some of these beats are among my weirdest or most complicated work,” says Hot Sugar of the project. “One of them samples a pet rat walking across a piano, playing a melody that sounds like something I would’ve written either way.”

- MTV Hive | www.mtvhive.com/2012/10/26/hot-sugar-leverage/



[Fat Tony]
You know me, I don’t need no introduction and shit
Girl screaming “Anthony Obi, hold me!”
Like she know me, she won’t quit
Already got one holding my arm in this
But I think I’m bout to add two to the list
And I just might add you if you equipped
With some good sense, and some good teeth
And feeling free like a loose leaf, single sheet
On the beat I’m crisp like a Pringle be
I’m on 34th Street like Kris Kringle be
Just little old merry me, unmerrily
Calling up my agent, flagrant,
Nigga got me sleepin on the pavement
Why the fuck you think I made this wavelength?
Ain’t tryna live in my relative’s basement
It ain’t easy being meezy, when a measly
Hundred dollars lost can make a nigga queasy
I need my full fuckin feezy
Ever since I got grown, left home
Been feeling all alone like fish a la carte, bitch this is the start
Of me being a meanie to you niggas seeming teeny
You stringy like some linguini, thinking that you can see me
That seemingly might be easy but you’re quite beneath me
You’re stinky like a queef be
From a bitch that hasn’t washed for weeks
Hoes known to jock you geeks
Cause they think you so unique
But solely you’re phony and only phoning in when you speak
I’m going in on your freak, weekly and reeking of weed
Sweetly I’m sealing the deed, revealing just what she need
Like honey to bees or chickens to feed
Or money to me or A/C to a hundred degrees
I smoke nothing but trees, you are nothing to me
And while you’re living in dreams I’m reeling in reality


released October 30, 2012
Produced by Hot Sugar



all rights reserved


Fat Tony Houston, Texas


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