from Steel Tipped Dove's mixtape
"& A Whole Bunch of Crazy Motherfuckers Vol. 1"


[Big Baby Gandhi]
I know it’s out of the protocol
But something ‘bout you said
You were the one to call
You know you make me wanna take you to the mall
You can have it all
The finer things, designer things, diamond rings
Private trips where no one know you
Take some time off
Know you want to
You got me open, soon to be broken
Not much to start with
Frontin on me

[Fat Tony]
I’m sprung
Dawg, she got me
Got me doing things I never do
If you ain’t been, I’m telling you
I’m sprung

Never sprung, huh?
Like Jigga said
But it’s a little different when you get her in the bed
I got a little head, it went to my head
Now I’m in the mall
Spending all my bread
God damn, I don’t know what happened to a player
But the girl was looking sweeter than a Now and Later
But like a Now and Later it just couldn’t last forever
Now I’m in the Jetta jammin Celine Dion acapellas
I wanna put in her mouth like Akinyele
I don’t wanna put her down like Old Yeller
Cause when she come around me
I get high like Robert Downey
She clean up real nice like Bounty
For her I’d spend a couple nights in the county
She likes the boys in the band
I’m her all time favorite and greater than any man ever tryna take her hand

[Big Baby Gandhi]
Look, ma, I ain’t sprung
Cooked for you cause I was hungry
I was just walking by
When I copped that pumpkin pie
Guess that mean you Cinderella
That don’t mean I’m Prince Charming
I don’t got a glass slipper
But I’ll be there when you want me
Once upon a time, won't admit you on my mind
Kinda like my money
Kinda like I’m fronting
Don’t really want nothing
Maybe put it on your body
Really saying that you got me…

[Fat Tony]
I’m sprung
Dawg, she got me
Got me doing things I never do
If you ain’t been, I’m telling you
I’m sprung


released June 26, 2013
Produced by Steel Tipped Dove & Modern Shark
Written by Big Baby Gandhi & Fat Tony
Recorded by Steel Tipped Dove



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Fat Tony Houston, Texas


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